Month: August 2017

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What to gift an escort to make her happy

It is a polite and humble gesture for clients to bring gifts for their escorts in their first meeting. It not only makes the escort happy but also helps to strike a connection between the two individuals. Although there is a lot of confusion faced by clients when it comes to selecting the perfect gift. You might not want to be demeaning or offending in any manner. Also some gifts like flowers often cause trouble as an escort could be allergic to them. You would want to avoid such obstacles while selecting the right gift for her. Many Mumbai Escorts expressed that they were overjoyed whenever they received a gift from their customers. Here is a list of all possible gifts which are free of such controversies and  that you can fetch her.

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 Wine or Champagne

It is a regular and cliched gift that clients bring for escorts. The romantic edge of alcohol has been developed by movies and social norms. Many call girls in Mumbai  have told how their customer brought some wine handy. The daze and fun of sharing drinks never misses its impact.


Chocolates are often brought by clients to please their escorts. Chocolates also have a sensual element to it. Many forms of foreplay and tricks include chocolate to you used by partners. So this only adds to the fun and also appeals to escorts.

 Perfumes and colognes

Perfumes are intimate item and very elegant for women. Thus gifting a decent perfume to the escort always wins some brownie points for the customer. Although while selecting the perfume by cautious about choosing a slight odor which does not distract too much.


Sometimes clients tend to notice a bit of the gadgets that the escort has in use. It could be an old phone or laptop or anything. Some customers shower their gratitude by bringing more realistic gifts like gadgets. Although the idea is totally effective as you offer a very useful tool to her.

Interestingly an independent escort in Mumbai  claimed how one of her customer brought her a phone because hers was too outdated.

 Sex Toys

This is a very frequent gift that clients bring for escorts. The silent suggestive note in the gift is alluring and adds to the fun for both the individuals involved.


Another sensual and erotic gift that clients bring for their escorts is lingerie. You could explore some branded and fancy pair for her and gift it or surprise her by placing it around her place. It always works fine.


Escorts have received fancy stilettos as gifts and it is always encouraged that you buy her shoes. High heels are not just provocative but they leave any girl drooling with their charm.


Clients show their affection by gifting some vouchers to escorts of different events or shopping destinations. It is decent and definitely acceptable as a gift.

So go on and buy some nice and fine thing for your escort and please her just as much as she pleases you.