Difference between INCALL and OUTCALL escorts Service in Delhi

INCALL AND OUTCALL Escort Service By Shamaya Bedi.

Shamaya Bedi is the most famous delhi escort companion and she is provide many type escort service in delhi and INCALL and OUTCALL is the most famous escort service from her all services.There are some differences in INCALL and OUTCALL escort services, she is here to give you the full information about the services, you can know here everything about these services and know what do and don’t before book an escort for service.

INCALL Escorts Service

Shamya provide her incall service to her private flat and her INCALL Escorts service is good for local person who want an quick and special service. There are no needs to book a hotel room or a private flat for service. You Just send request for Incall Escort service and our escort girl give the location of the palace where you can go and get the service.

INCALL service is good for the person who wants to choose the real girl who is stand from of you. because in an INCALL Escort service you directly go the girls place where you get the service in her personal room.


Shamya is also an OUTCALL escort companion in delhi, she can come to your hotel room and give the all service that you are want from her. Outcall Escorts service is good and safest escort service now days. Outcall Escort service for those who are from other city come to Delhi for business or vacation and want to spend his free time with a erotic and beautiful escort companion in his private hotel room .

If you are feeling bore and loney in your hotel room then book our outcall escort companion our Outcall Delhi Escorts can go anywhere with you and spend time you like your persona Girlfriend, You can go with her anywhere like:- Night club, Bar, party, Social Events and do a Romantic dinner with you.

Where the client book a hotel for service and ask for escort service in his room, were the girl come to your hotel room give the service that you are book her and leave the place on time.

Erotic massage services By Escort Girl to make you fresh

Body Massage is a complete therapy for relaxation and freshness. Erotic massage is a kind of sexual or sensual massage which is especially done for intimacy or before getting into sex. You will be glad to hear that we have the best service available regarding erotic massage. Our beautiful escort girls are highly trained for erotic massage. Erotic massage is not a new phenomenon of today’s world, but erotic massage has been used for many medical purposes from ancient time. Erotic massage service was given by midwife or by your partner in old time for treatment of much disease.

Nowadays erotic massage service is still popular in many massage parlours and massage centers. Delhi is one of the famous destinations for tourists who want to get intimated by erotic massage service and they are always seeking these kinds of services. Well we must say that we do not claim that we have only the best service of erotic massage in Delhi, but we are proud of that we have most pretty and sexy escorts who knows how to give a proper massage and sensual touches. You should have idea that there is some special kind of aromatic oil which has been use for erotic massage. The odor of massage oil makes you more relaxed and calm.

Erotic massage includes sensational touches on your genitals to make you arouse, that you can make yourself ready for final sex. This massage also includes some body postures like the girls will give you some vibrant touches and massage like on your chest and legs and back side. Some people includes this massage as a sex therapy, or some says that erotic massage is good for sexual life and it led you for long time sexual activity and after that the final stage of orgasm. The Delhi Independent Escorts girl and you are naked during erotic massage, she will give massage to your whole body includes private parts. Then the escort will slide her body with the customer’s body for make you more arouse, this part is called body sliding.

You will feel as like a dreamland during this massage service. After that both of you can feel more intimated. There are special postures and sex position includes with erotic massage, and we must say that our escort girl knows very well how to perform all the poses and how to give you a complete satisfaction. Our all escort girls are well trained regarding erotic massage, but if you want a unique satisfaction and experience then we will suggest you that you should choose an experienced escort for erotic massage service. Experience makes perfect but there is nothing wrong with new girl also. Either you will able to feel some new methods of erotic massage. We just want to tell you that if you are feeling tired and stressful then please visit us once and we promise you that we will provide you the most luxurious facility regarding erotic massage.

Mumbai Escorts

What to gift an escort to make her happy

It is a polite and humble gesture for clients to bring gifts for their escorts in their first meeting. It not only makes the escort happy but also helps to strike a connection between the two individuals. Although there is a lot of confusion faced by clients when it comes to selecting the perfect gift. You might not want to be demeaning or offending in any manner. Also some gifts like flowers often cause trouble as an escort could be allergic to them. You would want to avoid such obstacles while selecting the right gift for her. Many Mumbai Escorts expressed that they were overjoyed whenever they received a gift from their customers. Here is a list of all possible gifts which are free of such controversies and  that you can fetch her.

Mumbai Call Girls Whatsapp Number Escorts in Mumbai

 Wine or Champagne

It is a regular and cliched gift that clients bring for escorts. The romantic edge of alcohol has been developed by movies and social norms. Many call girls in Mumbai have told how their customer brought some wine handy. The daze and fun of sharing drinks never misses its impact.


Chocolates are often brought by clients to please their escorts. Chocolates also have a sensual element to it. Many forms of foreplay and tricks include chocolate to you used by partners. So this only adds to the fun and also appeals to escorts.

 Perfumes and colognes

Perfumes are intimate item and very elegant for women. Thus gifting a decent perfume to the escort always wins some brownie points for the customer. Although while selecting the perfume by cautious about choosing a slight odor which does not distract too much.


Sometimes clients tend to notice a bit of the gadgets that the escort has in use. It could be an old phone or laptop or anything. Some customers shower their gratitude by bringing more realistic gifts like gadgets. Although the idea is totally effective as you offer a very useful tool to her.

Interestingly an independent escort in Mumbai claimed how one of her customer brought her a phone because hers was too outdated.

 Sex Toys

This is a very frequent gift that clients bring for escorts. The silent suggestive note in the gift is alluring and adds to the fun for both the individuals involved.


Another sensual and erotic gift that clients bring for their escorts is lingerie. You could explore some branded and fancy pair for her and gift it or surprise her by placing it around her place. It always works fine.


Escorts have received fancy stilettos as gifts and it is always encouraged that you buy her shoes. High heels are not just provocative but they leave any girl drooling with their charm.


Clients show their affection by gifting some vouchers to escorts of different events or shopping destinations. It is decent and definitely acceptable as a gift.

So go on and buy some nice and fine thing for your escort and please her just as much as she pleases you.

Mumbai Escorts

Mumbai Escorts are best for Dinner dates

Book High class Mumbai escorts for dinner dating

Tired of rejection and looking someone to accept you the way you are? Want to live your dreams with your dream girl by your side? Wish to be man of the evening? Then Mumbai escorts are the right choice for you. They recognise you by your heart and not by your outer appearance. They will make you feel like not one better than you exist on this earth. The Mumbai escort girls form to be the perfect date for you. They will be with you all throughout the evening and act as a candle to the dim light of the moon.

They are beautiful and mesmerising; they have charm and are realistic. They wish to be a part of your life and make it beautiful. These elegant ladies will be your perfect date for the evening. They will come dressed the way you desire, act the way to specify and do all that you want. The Mumbai escorts are not only charming but educated as well. They know how to behave publicly and while in private. They will make love with you at your conditions and make each second of your worth remembering.

While you plan an evening with a girl it is such a difficult task to make it perfect for her. But the Mumbai escorts stand in front of you without expectations of anything from you; rather they question you about your desires and demands. Sometime the desires that you hold in your heart may look difficult to express in front of the world as they may sound nasty to people around. But, these girls honour every word that you say and will not be offended by anything you do to them. Feel the pleasure in time and let your date be the most special one. Sit with her or give her space on your lap and just speak out all you want from her, She is all ready to grant each part of her body to satisfy you.

If you are planning a perfect date you need a perfect girl and you can find her only on mumbaipriyaescorts.com. They have number of smart and beautiful girls working with them. The website is authentic and each of the face you see on it can be yours. Just book a girl online through the website and add the demands to the list, a girl fitting into your profile will be send to you at your booked time and place. They do have fake promise to make as they are counted amongst the best escort services in Mumbai. The management knows how to react to each demand and girls from all over the state are available with them.

Mumbai Escorts Service website had been ranked to be one amongst the most popular ones in the industry of pleasure making and the profile of the clients are maintained as per privacy concerns. Do not wait for long to see your date sitting on the chair in front of you. Just visit the website and get the one for you, who deserves to be in your heart and arm for the night.

Mumbai Escorts Service   Independent Mumbai Escorts

Things to do in an 8 hours night with a Mumbai Escorts

In case you are feeling dejected, it is time to call an escort so that she can help you to resolve some problems.  There are different organisations that will offer you Mumbai escort that you can have for the night or some hours. It will take time to book the escort who is able to fulfil all your needs but it is possible. You should start by contacting the escort agency and make sure that they understand what you need and you understand their terms.

There are many services you can get from a Mumbai Escort:

Body massage: when you have intense workout session or if you are tired because of your work, then you will need solace and unwinding. The escort will offer the rub which may diminish the anxiety and it will help you to calm your soul and your body.  Many escort girls have enough skills to do back massage in an efficient manner. With the administration of back rub, you will be happy.

Good company: when you do not have the right person to talk to or if for any reason you are not willing to talk, to people around you, then you will find the best Escorts in Mumbai to vent to.You will get an escort who can be with you regardless if you are a contemplative or a butterfly person. Developed escorts have the ability of keeping up with any conversation you want to hold with them.

Loyal intimacy: in case you want sex or you want to enjoy some sentimental minutes, then you should get it from the escorts companion. You may get some private minutes or you can snug with the escort for the entire night.  The escort is ready to make you happy the entire night as far as you ask.

Combat loneliness: in case you experience problems because of the split, the Mumbai escorts can help you to fill better. They will talk to you and you will forget your problems. They are sincere and they can listen to you.When it comes to what you want from the escort, you have to know that it can be hard to haggle over the price if you don’t understand innuendos, acronyms and code words used in the industry.

Mumbai Escorts Companions is different from the hooker since they are safe, cleaner and they are happy with the services they give.

When the Female escorts work for the agency, they will be under strict rules compared to girls that work alone.  The girls who work for agency, they will keep in the hours you agreed with but these who are working independently make their own rules.

Even if the passion may matter, it is all about the business transaction. The Sexy escort meets you when you come and he gives a kiss and a hug but to be sure that you get the best service, it is better to pay as soon as you meet with an escort.  Most men will be nervous when they see the escort for the first time but the escort will know how to put them at ease.

Hire Escorts in Delhi to Turn Your Fantasies into Reality

Delhi is a crowded city of India. It is located at the North of country. Here the whole locality and the neighborhood is crowded because of huge crowd of residents and visitors who come to Delhi for various professional purposes each and every day. In the hustle bustle of the whole, if you find yourself bored and clumsy and feel you need some refreshment of mature kind, then don’t waste your time in thinking, just hire any of the beautiful escorts in Delhi who can surely rescue you from your tedium and let you have the pleasure and happiness that your body and mind seek strongly. Delhi based escorts are all young in age and most of them are in their early twenties. Not only young but the sexy babes are quite friendly and mature too. This is why; they never feel confused to accompany any man professionally maintaining sheer perfection.

All kinds of escort services can be expected to have from these escort girls who are particularly appointed by us to accompany the respected clients in Delhi and its nearby locations. The babes can be hot and wild according to the need of the clients. And it is their sensibility that makes them feel the need without getting the clients talk much about their demands and expectations. Delhi Escort girls are all self driven and they just never let any scope go to make their happy and fulfilled. Be it friendly companionship or passionate intimacy, the escorts based in the area of Delhi can offer you all with sheer confidence and care. The hot and naughty babes will definitely be your girl and respect all your expectations that you nurture within and keep to yourself only.


Popular Escort Service by Famous Companions in Goa

Escort Services in goa hotels by independent and agency Girls.

Goa is a very popular and travel destination in India and every person who is live in India want comes to Goa once in life. In Goa you can explore new things and going everywhere without taking any permission from anyone. Goa is known for a tourist place and also for good hospitably service because there are many hotel and resorts where you can stay and enjoy your vacation and also is a good place to plan a vacation with friends.

Goa Hotel escort service is only for high class person who are stay in a 5 start hotel in Goa we never arrange or book companionship request from the person who stay in a cheap hotel or a hotel where our companion don’t want to go. Hotel escorts service is the high class service and we don’t charge or ask extra money for escort services in hotel,  you can see the all charges on our contact page where you can know all fess  with time or session perio.  Minimum escort service charges is 15000 INR for 2 hours/2 Session and if you book an escort for 3 or more hours we can give you some discount on our services.

But if you are come alone or a single person who are come Goa for fun that is not a good decision for you but every bad decision have a hidden feature on it that is the good think for you to enjoy with a sexy girl in goa without knowing any one that what are doing in goa , If you are alone in goa and want have you want a person who can travel all Goa with you and stay with you in your hotel room in Goa an give the exclusive pleasure in your vacation then book our Go Escorts Companion for fun. If you are able to pay the high class escort service charges and happy to get the service on the rates and you are deserve a good service and we are known for our services and that’s why we are the no.1 escort services provider in Goa.

Best Category of Escort Girls :- choose the best girl who are fit for you.

We have many escort companions in Goa and arrange all escorts category wise for our clients. we have a good range of punjabi escorts, young girls, college going girls, student, housewife, models,  and many more female companions for elite class gentlemen who are want a different taste every time and make your  lusty desires true in Goa.

Young Escort Girls :- We have a wide range of young escort companion who are very young and all escort who are working in our agency as a young escorts companion are not over from 22 years of age. Our young girls are very good in service and give you the Girl friend feel to our every client.

Indian Escorts :- we have a good range of escort companion across India and give the right girl to you. If you want any other city girl like:- Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and any other city we can arrange a girl who are suitable for you and who knows the taste of you and you can just send us a booking massage with the city name that you girl want we promise we arrange a right girl according to your comfort and pleasure.

Housewife: IF you want a mature or housewife escort for service who can know every step of escorting and don’t ask to do something and give the pleasure without your help then choose our housewife escort for a ultimate pleasure our housewife/mature escort is not in hurry in service time and only leave your hotel room after the service completed because they what to do for a client and how to impress the client I a seductive way.

Model Escorts: – Our model escort companions are more higher and expensive than any other escort companions who are in our agency. They available on special request and ask huge amount for their services but they give the luxury service to the customers. So if you want to spend more than ordinary escort girl, book one of them and get the exclusive model escort service.

Russian Escorts :- We also have Russian and foreigner escort companions who are belong to other countries. our Russian escorts are fully trend to give the high end services and they know how please real person in decent way. They are well educated, well mannered and always wear good dress to impress the client and our client never disappointed from them.

Independent Escorts :- we also have independent escort companion and who are only give service thru our agency but also offer service independently they are only available on special request only give their services to single clients. our independent escorts are Amlika Kumari, Alak Walia, Jenita D’souza, Ansa Khan, Lavanya Menon and many other girls, here are some information about our girls and their services, we update our gallery pages every week if you want to see some think new then visit our website regularly and don’t miss any updates about our girls. Check the girls details below…

Alak Walia :- Alak is our Punjabi escort Companion in Goa. she is originally from Punjab and she is a model in go, she work as punjbai escorts as part time job for make extra money for his high expense for living because she want to live as a queen and everyone know if you want to live like a queen you want to expense more than any other ordinary girl but she knows very well if she don’t give the actual service for she chosen she never get the fee for her service that she give the person.

Amlika Kumari :- Amlika is a young independent escorts and also known as housewife escort companion. she is known for her best escort service as housewife give the full pleasure that a client looking for, she is beautiful, sexy and have all the right curves on her body. she only gave her services to respected clients and also she give an Incall escort service on her apartment. Where she can welcome you in a unique way and we promise you never seen a housewife escorts like her.

Ansha Khan :-  Ansha is very sexy professional escort companion and offer her service as independent escort girl you can visit her site anytime and book her for service now but if she is not available for just send a text massage to her and or send a mail on her mail id for advance booking. she reply as soon as possible and give right information about her availability. if you want to spend your time in Goa with her we suggest you can send a advance booking mail with full detail of you and service date because she is very busy in her work and offer her service after the confirmation from client.

Jenita D’souza :- Jenita is our most fashionable and fantastic escort girl in Goa. She is a local girl in Goa and know every corner of Goa where you can go with her or she goes with you and enjoy some quality time together. She is in her twenties and also pursuing her study in Goa. we promise if you book her she is valuable for you because she gave her services on very low rates and but if she give her service on low price that not mean that she is not good in service. she give the whole services that you are looking for.

Lavanya Menon :- Lavanya is our one of the best Model companion in Goa and offer her services only rich and upper class person. She never available for any cheap or low class clients who never afford her. She only goes with the person who is rich and takes her all expense without any complain.  She never gives a change to for companion give the seductive service in a lusty and decent way. She is originally from Mumbai but gave her services in Goa where any one on’t know about her and anyone don’t know her personally for security reason she never gave give her mobile number to any client. So dear gentlemen we request if you book lavanya for service never ask her mobile or contact number to her, ask us for arrange ad ate with her we promise we are arrange a romantic date for you with her.